SpecialKidz Appeal 2022

Dear Friends, Colleagues & Sponsors,

Primarily due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, we have realised the immense importance of digital technology and the positive effect it can have on a child’s development. We believe that special needs and disabled children can unlock their potential using digital technology and thus achieve in education, technology, creativity, and employment.

Both nationally and internationally, SpecialKidz International wants to promote the education of children and young people who are subject to any disability associated with speech, language and different forms of communication through information and communications technology (ICT). We also aim to provide inclusive and accessible information, training, and research to raise awareness, create and establish a spirit of innovation incorporating technological developments into various aspects of accessibility.

We would, therefore, very much like to encourage you to think of how you and your network of friends and colleagues might support SpecialKidz International, especially with the added importance of digital technology in these uncertain times.

It would be truly wonderful if we could raise the funds to meet these aims and unlock the potential of special needs and disabled children. Use the buttons below to be a part of our mission.



How you can help

Depending on your circumstances, we have 3 quick and easy ways to donate. Everybody is different – choose the method that works best for you!


1. Donate online

You can help us by making a one-off or monthly donation via any bank card, direct debit, or Apple Pay. Payments are securely handled for us via JustGiving, who do not take a cut of your donation. 100% of the money you donate goes directly to SpecialKidz and, by extension, toward our mission of helping special needs & disabled children and young people to unlock their abilities and achieve through education, technology, creativity and employment.

To get started, click the button below

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2. Raise funds for free while you shop online
3. Donate via Cheque

To donate via cheque, please make it payable to SpecialKidz, and post it to:

SpecialKidz International,
ITEC Research & Development Enterprises,
Rooms E3 & E4 TOBI, Earley Gate,
University of Reading, Whiteknights Rd,