Future Development Projects

This page contains information on some planned future development projects for SpecialKidz

  1. Establish Specialkidz International as either a sister organization or as a project of Specialkidz.
  2. Develop the working partnership between Specialkidz and the Centre for Autism (School of Psychology & Clinical Language Sciences, University of Reading).
  3. Create DES (Digital Emotional Subtitling) modules for children with autism and related disabilities.
  4. Investigate the phenomenon of Selective Mutism.
  5. By introducing children with autism to internet video conferencing, do they improve their verbal communication & social skills
  6. Undertake a literacy software review for a variety of children with complex disabilities.
  7. Address the assumption that there is a digital and literacy divide for children with disabilities.
  8. Develop online learning modules for children with autism, dyslexia and other disabilities as part of AVERIL (Academy of Virtual Education Research & Inclusive Learning).
  9. Assess and evaluate the use of the Phoneme Machine (version 6) for improving speech and language with different disabilities associated with communication. (THRASS).
  10. Develop a “Money Matters” module for young people with dyslexia and related disabilities (with permission adapt Deafax’s Money Matters Module).
  11. The literacy challenges of the Internet for children with language difficulties.
  12. The impact or otherwise of Visual Literacy and ICT for children with disabilities.
  13. The development of Speech Recognition technology for children with literacy and language difficulties.
  14. Assessing the use of Winkball for children with speech, language and communication disabilities
  15. Assess smart cat profiling games in terms of reading spelling, mental arithmetic, social functioning, language use, motor control, memory plus hearing and colour vision of children with language difficulties.