Aim – to deliver a workshop series on managing anxiety for parents of children with autism, learning difficulties and minimal language.

Why – there is currently very little psychological help available for this group of children, and a significant lack of knowledge about effective interventions for children with severe language difficulties.

Format – 4 x 2 hour workshops consisting of talks, practical activities and discussion to allow parents to develop strategies to help their children manage and regulate their anxiety

Participants – parents from Addington School (for children with special needs, Wokingham). Numbers to be confirmed, but between 6-10 is likely. Teachers will attend too, allowing parents and teachers to work in partnership

Staffing – the workshop series will be designed and delivered by Dr Fiona Knott, Centre for Autism. Students from the University of Reading will support the process throughout.

Evaluation – the workshops will be evaluated using standardised questionnaires and semi-structured interviews

Funding – £1000 from Specialkidz and £500 from Addington School. This will support the cost of preparation and delivery of the workshops. The venue and refreshments will be provided by the school.

Dr Fiona Knott is a Director of Specialkidz and an Associate Professor in Clinical Psychology, Centre for Autism, School of Psychology and Clinical Language Sciences, University of Reading.RG6 6AL.0118 378 7539