Ruth Montgomery May 2015Rehearsals will take place on Tues 29 September from 9.00 to 4.00pm; Wednesday 30th September from 9.00am to 12noon plus afternoon group rehearsals;

On Thursday 1st October, 2015 there will be group rehearsals in the morning and the concert in the afternoon to celebrate World Music Day.

The workshops will involve 5 deaf musicians, 5 hearing and 5 blind. The plan is to create music works which is composition for ensemble playing plus a masterclass on how to improve and prepare for their performance piece.

Decibels will enhance, with Specialkidz as a partner, our growing reputation in the field of creative arts and the inclusion of children & young people with deafness, blindness, autism & other disabilities .It will be our first venture into Europe and give us an international perspective.

The Budapest Music Project’s final production will take place at the Palace of Arts in the presence of The President of the Hungarian Republic Mr. Janos Ader’s wife Mrs. Anita Herczegh who is the Patron of the Concert.

Ruth will use the event for publicity purposes on our respective websites and social media as she is aware that we want to develop Decibels International as well as Specialkidz International. She will arrange for photographs and video recordings to be made for us to use. She will feature this project on her website. HERE