Peter was born in Trinidad, educated at the Oratory School (UK), was an outstanding rugby and cricket sportsman and became a City of London Chartered Accountant. He then worked for Ernst & Young eventually becoming its Managing Director for the West Indies. He used Barbados as his base from 1969 to 2004. As well as his professional work he became Co-Founder/Chairman/Volunteer CEO for the Substance Abuse Foundation; Co-Founder and First Chairman Barbados Entrepreneurship Foundation; Founder, Patron and first chairman of the Barbados charity Aspire Foundation (Barbados); and Patron & Advisor of The Nature Fun Ranch helping the development of at-risk youth.

Peter as a philanthropist and family man has set up the Peter Boos Family Foundation supporting youth development, entrepreneurship, education, addiction treatment, environmental protection, arts & culture development, relief of poverty and support of various community and charitable causes that focus on Integral Human Development.

Specialkidz International is very honored to have Peter Boos as its first Honorary President.

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