The Year of Sound begins at the House of Lords

The SpecialKidz & Decibels Year of Sound – London 2016-2017 began with a highly successful event at the House of Lords on Wednesday, 25th May 2016 and was hosted by Lord Michael Berkeley of Knighton, CBE who is the Honorary President of the Decibels Charitable Trust.

Programme for the day

The day’s proceedings happened as follows:

Time Event
12.15 Guests arrive – Drinks & Canapes on the Terrace
12.40 Welcoming address by Lord Michael Berkeley of Knighton, CBE (Honorary President of Decibels)
12.45 Brief overview of Decibels Year of Sound-London 2016-2017 by Ken Carter-Founder of Decibels
12.50 Introducing Ruth Montgomery and her deaf musicians by Paul Townson-Chair of Decibels. Musicians: Danny Lane, Sean Chandler, Eloise Garland and Edward Montgomery
13.05 Drinks & Canapes
13.15 “Signed Theatre – Wuthering Heights – Kate Bush” by Caroline Parker, MBE
13.20 Drinks & Canapes
13.30 “Promoting Art through Music” by Rubbena Aurangzeb-Tariq
13.35 Drinks & Canapes
13.45 “Monologues of Shakespeare” introduced by Ilan Dwek and performed by Rachel Merry and Alice Taylor – TAEDS (Theatre Arts Education & Deaf Studies) students of the University of Reading.
14.00 Drinks & Canapes
14.15 Advancing communication technology through “Signly” by Helen Lansdown-CEO of Deafax.
14.20 Thank you for coming to guests and performers by Paul Townson & Lord Michael Berkeley
14.25 “APPEAL for HELP” – give out cards – from Riccardo Mancuso & Ken Carter

A full write-up of the day’s events, including photographs and videos, is available on the website of our partner – Decibels. Please find a link to this below.


More info, Photos and Videos on Decibels